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So here’s the thing about Starbucks

I’m not going to love them now because they support marriage equality. 

If they thought for one second that supporting marriage equality was going to cost them anything substantial, they wouldn’t have done it.

I’m not going to thank them for “supporting the lgbt community” when that’s not what they’re doing. 

I still don’t buy that marriage equality is the most important thing for the queer community be focusing on. 

I hate that every queer person who thinks this way are pushed to the side, silenced. I hate that the face of the supposed lgbt movement is almost completely devoid of anyone who isn’t cis, white, and affluent. 

And I hate Starbucks for reinforcing all of it. And I hate that even in the face of all of their grossly exploitative practices, there are still people who think they’re advocating social justice. 

That’s all I wanted to say.

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