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jane elliot - the angry eye [running time 51:23]

The two-parter version is the one that I see reblogged a bunch, but I watched those and this 50-minute one and I think this version is better.  In it, Elliot has more dialogue with the students of colour/brown eyes, and a lot of the statements that were just sort of left hanging in the two-parter are more fleshed out and articulated.

After watching both versions, I was pretty uncomfortable with how the two-part version is edited to re-centre whiteness and leave out the comments and participation of the students of colour.

Some of what’s discussed are things I already knew and/or acknowledged in myself, and some of it wasn’t. Getting to look at race and power structure in our society from this (often unacknowledged, but definitely correct) perspective is always great. It’s eye-opening and incredibly interesting. A good exercise in critical thinking (and being a decent person)! Definitely worth watching. I recommend this version, I also thought it was the better one. 

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